A. Teaching Ideas (secondary)

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TID-01 The Pointing Game / The Eating Game (atman, the soul) TID-01 Pointing & Eating Games
TID-02 The Car Game (the atman and reincarnation) TID-02 Car Game
TID-03 Music, the Modes and Meditation (prakriti, the 3 gunas) TID-03 Music, Modes & Meditation
TID-04 Meditation Exercises (relaxation, meditation, and mantra) TID-04. Meditation Exercise
TID-05 Different World Views (how we see the world, concepts & values, prejudice) TID-05 Different World Views
TID-06 Meeting God (God, problem of evil, etc.) TID-06 Meeting God
TID-07 Creating a Display / Shrine (sacred space, worship) TID-07 Creating a Display
TID-08 Mock Wedding (rites of passage) TID-08 Mock Wedding
TID-09 Making Ghee Wicks / Flower Garlands (worship, festivals, simple living) TID-09 Ghee Wicks & Flower Garlands
TID-10 Dressing Up / Face Painting / Mendhi (costume) TID-10. Dressing Up
TID-11 Food and Sweet Making (food, prasad, hospitality) TID-11 Food & Sweet Making
TID-12 Visiting a Temple (sacred places, worship, community, etc.) TID-12 Visiting a Temple