B. Teacher Guides (secondary)

Word documents for download

TGD-01 Tips on Teaching about Hinduism (introductory guidelines) TGD-01 Tips on Teaching Hinduism
TGD-02 Summary of the three gunas (the gunas, personal development) TGD-02 Summary of 3 Gunas
TGD-03 Krishna’s Opulence (God, ideas of God) TGD-03 Krishna’s Opulence
TGD-04 Twelve Main Deities and Related Attributes/Topics (God, Hindu deities) TGD-04 12 Deities
TGD-05 Festivals and Related Themes/Topics (festivals) TGD-05 Festivals and Themes or Topics
TGD-06 The Significance of Light in the Hindu Tradition (light, Diwali, etc.) TGD-06 The Significance of Light
TGD-07 Emotionally toned words / Circular arguments (thinking skills). TGD-07 Emotionally Toned Words
TGD-08 East/West World views (thinking skills, discrimination, etc.) TGD-08 East-West Worldviews
TGD-09 Arjuna’s Dilemma on the Battlefield (dealing with dilemmas, the Gita) TGD-09 Arjuna’s Dilemma
TGD-10 Suffering & Hindu Responses (the problem of evil, dealing with distress) TGD-10 Suffering and Hindu Responses
TGD-11 Visiting Faith Communities (faith community visits) TGD-11 Visiting Faith Communities
TGD-12 Guidelines for Arranging Visits to Bhaktivedanta Manor (temple visit) TGD-12 Guidelines for Arranging Visits