Useful Contacts

This ‘Heart of Hinduism’ teachers’ pack comes with full teacher support. For free advice and for further information (temples visits, guest speakers and INSET) please contact: ISKCON Educational Services, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Herts. U.K. Tel; +44 (0)1923 – 859578 e-mail: Web-site: For IES representatives in other locations, please go to Temple Visits (on […]

Further Resources

Academic Books (especially for Secondary RE teachers and Libraries) A Very Short Introduction to Hinduism by Kim Knott (Oxford University Press) ISBN: 0-19-285387-2 A succinct and accessible introduction to the tradition Hinduism – A Short Introduction by Klaus. K. Klostermaier (Oneworld, Oxford) ISBN: 1-85168-220-1 A Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism by K. K. Klostermaier (Oneworld, Oxford) […]

A. Teaching Ideas (secondary)

Word documents for download TID-01 The Pointing Game / The Eating Game (atman, the soul) TID-01 Pointing & Eating Games TID-02 The Car Game (the atman and reincarnation) TID-02 Car Game TID-03 Music, the Modes and Meditation (prakriti, the 3 gunas) TID-03 Music, Modes & Meditation TID-04 Meditation Exercises (relaxation, meditation, and mantra) TID-04. Meditation […]

B. Teacher Guides (secondary)

Word documents for download TGD-01 Tips on Teaching about Hinduism (introductory guidelines) TGD-01 Tips on Teaching Hinduism TGD-02 Summary of the three gunas (the gunas, personal development) TGD-02 Summary of 3 Gunas TGD-03 Krishna’s Opulence (God, ideas of God) TGD-03 Krishna’s Opulence TGD-04 Twelve Main Deities and Related Attributes/Topics (God, Hindu deities) TGD-04 12 Deities […]

C. Amendable Worksheets (secondary)

Word documents for download WRK-01 Three Truths (concepts) WRK-01 Three Truths WRK-02 Key Concepts (concepts) WRK-02 Key Concepts WRK-03 The Real Self – Aspects of Identity and Belonging (self, identity, image, belonging) WRK-03 The Real Self WRK-04 Three Gunas Personality Test (personal/spiritual development; emotional literacy) WRK-04 3 Gunas Test WRK-05 Hindu Values (values) WRK-05 Hindu […]

1. OHT’s – Charts

Word documents for download These charts be used as part of a computer projection presentation and/or printed onto paper or transparencies.  In many cases, these charts are best used with the corresponding Pictures which are also included here under ‘OHT’s’, and are also found in the Teachers Book. The 64 charts listed below are offered […]