Heart of Hinduism …

This is the online version of the ISKCON Educational Services Heart of Hinduism resource pack. Heart of Hinduism is:

  • an educational resource that explains the Hindu traditions in clear terms.
  • produced by practitioners of the tradition and is meant for all who wish to broaden their knowledge of Hindu traditions.

Physical copies (as opposed this online version) of both primary and secondary multi-media teachers’ resource packs are available for purchase. For more information please email Hinduism RE at daya@krishnatemple.com or call us on 01923-859578


How do Hindus see and respond to the world? What are their core beliefs? What are their ideals, philosophical concepts, and values?


Hinduism is often seen as a culture, or a way of life. This section looks at those aspects of culture that foster Hindu spirituality.


How does Hindu practice influence everyday life? How is culture used to nurture and transmit Hindu ideals in modern society?


How do Hindu traditions evolve over time? How do they face new contexts? What is the role of authority in continuity and adaptation?