C. Amendable Worksheets (secondary)

Word documents for download

WRK-01 Three Truths (concepts) WRK-01 Three Truths
WRK-02 Key Concepts (concepts) WRK-02 Key Concepts
WRK-03 The Real Self – Aspects of Identity and Belonging (self, identity, image, belonging) WRK-03 The Real Self
WRK-04 Three Gunas Personality Test (personal/spiritual development; emotional literacy) WRK-04 3 Gunas Test
WRK-05 Hindu Values (values) WRK-05 Hindu Values
WRK-06 Key Figures (key figures, leaders) WRK-06 Questionnaire
WRK-07 God’s Gender (God, gods and goddesses) WRK-07 Gods Gender
WRK-08 Temple Visits Worksheet (temple visits – can cover many topics) WRK-08 Temple Visits Worksheet