Academic Books (especially for RE specialists)

Further Reading (word document version) Academic Books (especially for RE specialists) A Very Short Introduction to Hinduism by Kim Knott (Oxford University Press) ISBN: 0-19-285387-2 A succinct and accessible introduction to the tradition Hinduism – A Short Introduction by Klaus. K. Klostermaier (Oneworld, Oxford) ISBN: 1-85168-220-1 A Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism by K. K. Klostermaier […]

Useful Contacts

This ‘Heart of Hinduism’ teachers’ pack comes with full teacher support. For free advice and for further information (temples visits, guest speakers and INSET) please contact: ISKCON Educational Services, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Herts. U.K. Tel; +44 (0)1923 – 859578 e-mail: Web-site: For IES representatives in other locations, please go to Temple Visits (on […]

A. Teaching Ideas (primary)

Word documents for download 1.1 Visualisation of India TID-1.1 Visualisation of India 1.2 What is Time? TID-1.2 What is Time 1.3 Dressing up – 3 focuses of worship TID-1.3 Dressing Up 1.4 Main deities TID-1.4 Main deities 2.1 Bridge to Lanka (role-play) TID-2.1 Bridge to Lanka 2.2 Diwali activities TID-2.2 Diwali activities 3.1 Namaste greeting […]

B. Teacher Guides (primary)

Word documents for download 1.1 Stereo-types within Hinduism TGD-1.1 Stereotypes about Hinduism 1.2 Relating concepts to values and practices TGD-1.2 Relating concepts to values and practices 2.1 Festival food TGD-2.1 Festival Food 2.2 Stories – related values and concepts TGD-2.2 Stories – related values and concepts 2.3 The Significance of Light TGD-2.3 The Significance of […]

C. Amendable Worksheets (primary)

Word documents for download 3.01 The five senses (worksheet) WRK-3.01 The Five Senses 4.01 Gifts from the cow (picture and worksheet in one) WRK-4.01 Gifts from the Cow 4.02 Cycles and Changes (diagram and worksheet) WRK-4.02 Cycles and Changes 6.01 The Puja and arti Tray (picture and worksheet) WRK-6.01 Puja and Arti Tray 7.01 Temple […]

1. OHT’s – Charts

Word documents for download These charts be used as part of a computer projection presentation and/or printed onto paper or transparencies.  In many cases, these charts are best used with the corresponding Pictures which are also included here under ‘OHT’s’, and are also found in the Teachers Book. The 64 charts listed below are offered […]