Scriptural Verses A – Key Concepts

Scriptural Verses A (word doc for download) Section A – Key Concepts Further passages on Hindu concepts can be found in Section D. Thios section goes through the 12 Key Concepts, as they explained in the Teacher’ Book 1. The Atman (the Soul) SPC-001 The Self, pure awareness, shines as the light Within the heart, […]

Scriptural Verses B – Core Values and Virtues

Scriptural Verses B (word document download) Verses on Core Values and Virtues Please also refer to the section on proverbs for further relevant verses. In here, there are four main categories, namely: A. Godly / Spiritual Qualities (general) B. Demonic / Materialistic Qualities (general) C. Specific Virtues D. Miscellaneous A. Godly / Spiritual Qualities (general) […]

Scriptural Verses C – Other Topics

Scriptural Verses C (word document for download) Crime and punishment SPO-001 If a ruler did not readily punish those that deserve punishment the stronger would fry like fish on a stick the weaker ones, the crow would eat the sacrificial rice and the dog would lick the butter offering; nothing would anymore be one’s own […]

Scriptural Verses D (secondary audio CD)

Scriptural Verses D (secondary version) Section D – Verses Spoken on the Audio CD The following is a transcript of the verses on the Audio CD (Tracks 4-10), along with the accompanying narrative. There may be slight differences from the spoken version. Track 4 All but one of the following verses are from the Bhagavad […]

Prayers (secondary version)

Prayers (secondary version) (word document download) Keep in mind that many Hindu songs and poems are also a form of prayer, and you may consult the corresponding material on this CD-Rom. Prayer for liberation and enlightenment From the temporary lead me to the eternal! From darkness lead me to light! From death lead me to […]

Quotes from Hindu Leaders

Quotes from Hindu Leaders (word document for download) Selected Quotes by Hindu Leaders QTL-01 Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality. Cowards can never be moral. Mahatma Gandhi QTL-02 You do not like to suffer yourself. How can you inflict suffering on others? Every killing is a suicide. The eternal, blissful and natural state has […]


Selected Songs/Bhajans Download word document: Songs There are four songs listed here, as follows: The Arti Song (“Jay Jagadish Hare”) A Popular Hindi Bhajan – “Krishna Jinka Nama Hai” A Bengali bhajan – “Bhaja Hure Mana” A song in praise of Krishn2, the Butter Thief Numbers 1 and 3 feature of the Audio-CD, the tracks […]


A Concise Collection of Hindu/Indian Proverbs Download word document: Proverbs PRO-01 One attains greatness by personal qualities and not by merely holding high office. A crow perching on top of a palace does not become Garuda (the king of birds and carrier of Vishnu) PRO-02 A pigeon today is better than a peacock tomorrow PRO-03 […]


Selected Mantras Download word document: Mantras The Gayatri Mantra MAN-01 Let us meditate on the most excellent light of the creator (the sun); May he guide our intellect Rig Veda 3.62.10 A different translation of this same mantra is included on the primary Audio-CD, track 13, and is as follows: I meditate on the sun […]


Selected Hindu Poems Download word document: Poems Please note that a list of the poets cited here is included on the last page, with reference to where further details may be found. Three Poems by Mirabai (perhaps the most famous of all the bhakti saints) Poem 1  O my mind, Worship the lotus feet of […]