STO-501 – The Decent of Mother Ganga

STO-501-sec King Sagar, the ruler of Ayodhya was of the Surya dynasty, and an ancestor of Rama. He performed the Asvamedha sacrifice ninety-nine times and each time the horse he sent around the earth returned to his kingdom unchallenged. Indra, the King of the Devas (gods), was jealous and during the hundredth sacrifice, he kidnapped […]

STO-503 – The Lifting of Govardhana Hill

STO-503-sec Krishna and Balarama saw that the cowherd men were preparing for a sacrifice to petition and placate Indra, the King of heaven, who is responsible for supplying water. A pure devotee of Lord Krishna doesn’t have to perform any of the ritualistic functions enjoined in the Vedas; nor is he required to worship any […]

STO-504 – The Story of Vaishno Devi

STO-504-sec To know the history of the Vaishno Devi temple we must go back to Treta Yuga when virtuous people were tormented by the Asuras (demons) Ravana, Kumbakarna, Khardushan and others. The demigods decided to create a divine personality, in the form of a girl, for their protection. To do this, they pooled the spiritual […]