Dashavatar- the Ten Incarnations

Contents Incarnation 1 Matsya – The Fish Incarnation 2 Kurma – The Turtle Incarnation 3 Varaha – The Boar Incarnation 4 Narasingha – The Man-Lion Incarnation 5 Vamana – The Dwarf Incarnation 6 Parashuram – The Warrior Incarnation 7 Rama – The Monarch Incarnation 8 Balaram – The Cowherd Incarnation 9 Buddha – The Teacher […]

Hinduism and Ecology

This is the full text of the book, published by Cassell and WWF UK as part of their religion and ecology series, written by Ranchor Prime. Reproduced here with the kind permission of Ranchor Prime. For more information on the Friends of Vrindavana project, please consult their web site: http://www.fov.org.uk/ Download word document version of […]