Note for teachers: Some of these stories can be used directly in the classroom. Others are to enhance the teacher’s own understanding and/or are for teachers to re-tell in their own words. The stories are coded as follows:

P: stories more directly suitable for primary pupils.
E: stories that will most likely need some editing
T: stories intended for teacher’s own understanding

(E) Sakshi Gopal (the murti)

STO-322 Sakshi Gopal (The Witness for the Wedding) There once lived in Vidyanagar, South India, two Brahmins who decided to go on a pilgrimage. One brahmin was young and poor. The other was old and wealthy. The young man served the old man and made his trip as comfortable as possible. First they visited Gaya, […]

(P) The Story of Valmiki (mantra meditation)

STO-321 The Story of Valmiki (who wrote the story of Rama and Sita) Thousands of years ago there lived a hunter who made money by robbing other people. He lived in a jungle with his wife and children. No traveller who passed through the jungle was safe. The hunter didn’t hesitate to kill them and […]