Note for teachers: Some of these stories can be used directly in the classroom. Others are to enhance the teacher’s own understanding and/or are for teachers to re-tell in their own words. The stories are coded as follows:

P: stories more directly suitable for primary pupils.
E: stories that will most likely need some editing
T: stories intended for teacher’s own understanding

(P) Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill

STO-503 Krishna lived in the village of Vrindavana. The men of the village were farmers and looked after cows and bulls. The ladies would milk the cows and make cream, cheese, yoghurt, butter and ghee. The bulls were used for ploughing and for pulling carts. One day, Krishna saw that the cowherd men were getting […]

(P) Krishna Defeats the Kaliya Serpent

STO-502 All summer long the cowherd boys took the calves to different places to graze. One day they were all feeling very hot and thirsty, so they went to the Yamuna River. Unknown to them, deep within the water lurked a huge and horrible snake called Kaliya. Kaliya had one hundred heads. He so polluted […]

(P) How the River Ganges Came Down from Heaven

STO-501 There was once a wise king called Sagara. He had 60,000 sons, who were all brave and strong. King Sagara was the greatest king on earth and the Emperor of the World. He started one-hundred great sacrifices to see if other kings accepted him as their emperor. The holy books said that anyone who […]