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Glossary Many proper names are listed under this glossary with the link reference. These include names of places, people, festivals, organisations, and sacred texts. A Adi Shankara – well-known theologian and founder of the advaita school. Also called Adi Shankaracharya. Advaita – non-dualism, the name of the theology equating the soul with God. Advaitin – […]



Download PDF: PCT-309 Sarasvati is the Goddess of Learning and the Arts, and is closely connected with all aspects of Hindu culture. Sarasvati has three main forms: As Vach (speech personified) As the Goddess of learning and the arts As the legendary river (now dried up) She is the daughter of Brahma, but became his […]



Download PDF: PCT-308 Lakshmi is the eternal consort of Lord Vishnu, and is often worshipped with him as Lakshmi-Narayana. She is worshipped in her own right, particularly during the festival of Diwali. Lakshmi is shown standing or sitting on the lotus, and she holds in two hands a lotus and a water pot. With another […]



Download PDF: PCT-304 Shakti or Devi (the goddess) is one of the three main focuses of worship. Shakti means energy and in one sense refers to all goddesses, the ‘energies’ of their respective husbands. Specifically, Shakti refers to the consort of Shiva. In other words, the Supreme Lord is represented as Shiva and his power […]



Word document download: FCT-0401 Hinduism almost certainly has a longer list of festivals than any other religion. Everyday of the year, someone somewhere is celebrating a Hindu festival. For this reason, we cannot list them all here, but will concentrate on a few major ones. Pongal (January 14th or one day on either side) In […]