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Glossary Many proper names are listed under this glossary with the link reference. These include names of places, people, festivals, organisations, and sacred texts. A Adi Shankara – well-known theologian and founder of the advaita school. Also called Adi Shankaracharya. Advaita – non-dualism, the name of the theology equating the soul with God. Advaitin – […]


ART-0519 Nathdwar: Gateway to the Lord

Word document download: ART-0519 Nathdhwar is intimately related to the Pushti Marg tradition. Refer to the Teachers’ Book pages 75, 134, 144 and to the Audio CD, Track 18. This small town is famous as the home for Shri Nathji, one of the most popular deities of Lord Krishna in India. The name of the […]


ART-1211. Pushti Marg

Download article ‘ART-1211. Pushti Marg’ as word document About the Pushti Marg Sampradaya “Pushtimarg” translates as ‘the path of nourishment, and refers to a five hundred year old tradition founded by Vallabha (or Vallabhacharya). This tradition is well represented in the UK, although it is somewhat inconspicuous as there are few (if any) temples solely […]