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Glossary Many proper names are listed under this glossary with the link reference. These include names of places, people, festivals, organisations, and sacred texts. A Adi Shankara – well-known theologian and founder of the advaita school. Also called Adi Shankaracharya. Advaita – non-dualism, the name of the theology equating the soul with God. Advaitin – […]


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Contact Us Heart of Hinduism We’re happy to hear from you! Please email us at with any thoughts, comments, or queries. Teacher Support Services Please find our booking system here or for advice and further information (temples visits, guest speakers, and INSET) contact us at: Tel: +44 (0)1923-859578 Email: ISKCON Educational Services Hilfield Lane […]


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This ‘Heart of Hinduism’ teachers’ pack comes with full teacher support. For free advice and for further information (temples visits, guest speakers and INSET) please contact: ISKCON Educational Services, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Herts. U.K. Tel; +44 (0)1923 – 859578 e-mail: Web-site: For IES representatives in other locations, please go to Temple Visits (on […]


1. OHT’s – Charts

Word documents for download These charts be used as part of a computer projection presentation and/or printed onto paper or transparencies.  In many cases, these charts are best used with the corresponding Pictures which are also included here under ‘OHT’s’, and are also found in the Teachers Book. The 64 charts listed below are offered […]


1. What is Hinduism?

Download PDF: PCT-001 What is Hinduism Hinduism is the religion followed by Hindus. It started in India, over 5,000 years ago. Hinduism is the main religion in India. Many Indian people are Hindus. Others are Muslims, Sikhs or Buddhists. There are also quite a few Jews and Christians living in India. India is a very […]


6. Worship – Puja and Arti

Download PDF: PCT-006 Puja & Arti Hindus worship at home and in the temple (mandir). Most Hindus believe in one God. They also believe that he appears in many different ways. These forms of God are called ‘deities’. A deity is a form of God, or of a god or goddess. The most important deities […]


7. The Temple

Download PDF: PCT-007 The Temple Hindus worship in the temple. They also worship at home. One Indian word for temple is ‘mandir’. The mandir is the home of God. The centre of the mandir is the shrine, which contains the murtis. The murtis are sacred statues of God, or of different gods and goddesses. Some […]


ART-0101 God, Hindu Concepts of

Download article ‘ART-0101 God, Hindu Concepts of’ as word document Hindu Concepts of God Introduction Hinduism has no single founder, no common creed nor a unified code of practice. It boasts many founders of diverse denominations, many spiritual leaders and many sacred books. It has no traceable beginning and its past recedes into uncertainty. Yet […]


ART-0501 Ayodhya

Download article ‘ART-0501 Ayodhya’ as word document Ayodhya: The Place of Lord Ramachandra This site is especially sacred to devotees of Rama, but has been more recently the focus of political unrest. For more information, see the Teachers’ Book, pages 50-52, 129, 142. According to tradition, Lord Ramachandra appeared in Ayodhya many thousands – some […]


ART-0504 Citrakut

Chitrakut: Lord Rama’s Forest Home This site is especially sacred to the devotees of Rama. After Lord Ramachandra was exiled from his kingdom, he lived in the Chitrakut Forest for twelve years with his wife Sita and his brother Laksman. The story of how they came here and what they did is recounted in the […]


ART-0521 Puri

Jagannatha Puri: The City of Jagannatha – The Lord of the Universe Puri is one of the four holy dhamas  and is important mainly to Vaishnavas and Smartas. Jagannatha Puri is one of the four holy dhamas of India. The others are Dwarka, Rameswaram and Badrinatha. Jagannatha Puri is called Shri Purusottama Dhama or Martya […]


ART-0530 Vaishnodevi

Vaishno Devi: The Holy Cave Shrine This site is one of the most important for Shaktas, worshippers of the Goddess. This is a cave temple where three major goddesses are worshipped. It is dedicated to the goddesses Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati. This is the only temple in India where all three goddesses are worshipped together. […]


ART-0532 Vrindavan

Vrindavana: The Land of Krishna Vrindavana, along with the nearby city of Mathura is most intimately connected with Krishna. Vrindavana is one of the most important holy places in India because this is where Lord Krishna performed his childhood lila (pastimes). Krishna’s father Vasudeva brought him here from Mathura out of fear of King Kamsa. […]


ART-1210 Swami Narayana

About the Swami Narayan Mission Kindly supplied by the Swaminarayan Mandir whose details appear at the end of this material. Download ‘About the Swami Narayan Mission’ as word document here OVERVIEW Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) also known as The Swaminarayan Hindu Mission (SHM) in the UK & Europe, is a socio-spiritual Hindu […]


ART-1211. Pushti Marg

Download article ‘ART-1211. Pushti Marg’ as word document About the Pushti Marg Sampradaya “Pushtimarg” translates as ‘the path of nourishment, and refers to a five hundred year old tradition founded by Vallabha (or Vallabhacharya). This tradition is well represented in the UK, although it is somewhat inconspicuous as there are few (if any) temples solely […]