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Glossary Many proper names are listed under this glossary with the link reference. These include names of places, people, festivals, organisations, and sacred texts. A Adi Shankara – well-known theologian and founder of the advaita school. Also called Adi Shankaracharya. Advaita – non-dualism, the name of the theology equating the soul with God. Advaitin – […]



Download PDF: PCT-303 Shiva is one of the Trimurti. He presides over tama-guna (the quality of darkness) and is responsible for the destruction of the material world. He is also considered the supreme male principle (purusha), the husband of mother nature (Shakti) and is therefore also associated with creation. He is often worshipped through the […]


15. Shiva and Parvati

Download PDF: PCT-015 Shiva&Parvati Shiva is one of the trimurti (three main deities). He is in charge of destruction. He destroys the universe by dancing and beating on his drum. Shiva is white with a blue throat although he is often shown with dark blue skin. He carries a trident (a spear with three points) […]


ART-0526 Somnath

Word document download: ART-0526 Somnath is particularly important for Shaivas, but related sites are closely connected to Krishna. For a picture of a linga, see the Teachers’ Book, page 135. Somnath near Veraval in Gujarat was once the most revered shrine in the country, for it had one of the twelve pre-eminent Jyotirlingas (the glowing […]



Word document download: FCT-0401 Hinduism almost certainly has a longer list of festivals than any other religion. Everyday of the year, someone somewhere is celebrating a Hindu festival. For this reason, we cannot list them all here, but will concentrate on a few major ones. Pongal (January 14th or one day on either side) In […]


ART-0001 Hinduism, how we see it

Download article ‘ART-0001 Hinduism, how we see it’ as word document The Western Educationalists’ Perspective on the Vedic Tradition Rasamandala Das Rasamandala dasa has offered us this article to help clarify some of the concerns and reservations that many of us may have with educational approaches to Vedanta and Hinduism. He reassures us with his […]


ART-0511 Kanyakumari

Kanniyakumari: The Southern Most Tip of India This spot is connected to Shiva and Parvati and also Lord Rama. It is relevant to the festival of Mahashivratri, the day when Lord Siva and Parvati were married. Kanniyakumari is located at the southern-most point of India, where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the […]