Hinduism Workshops

We provide visitors to speak on Hinduism and related topics. By setting up a shrine and display, we can bring the temple to your school!

Presentations are highly interactive using a range of resources and artefacts.

We cater to all age groups from pre-school up to post-16; also to a range of schools, including special needs and the independent sector.

We aim to provide learning experiences and resources that are authentic, exciting and accessible.


A visit to your school may include the following options:

  • General presentation (usually highly interactive)
  • Setting up a display (with a shrine, artefacts, etc.)
  • ‘Dressing up’ workshops
  • Cultural presentation (dance, drama, music, etc.)
  • Assemblies (anything between 5 and 60 minutes)
  • Whole-day conferences
  • Display of teacher resources (books ands artefacts)
  • Sample of traditional food (prashad)

Guest speakers are seasoned practitioners within a Hindu tradition and also trained in educational principles.

Please note: the precise options available may vary from centre to centre, and at different times of the school year. Do contact your local centre for further details.