Online Information on Hinduism

Heart of Hinduism - Online Resource

Heart of Hinduism – a comprehensive online resource from ISKCON Educational Services

In helping learn and teach about Hinduism, IES strives to publish and present educational material that:

  1. Is accurate, authentic and accessible
  2. Recognises diversity
  3. Carefully classifies complex material
  4. Promotes academic and moral discernment
  5. Values individual agency
  6. Promotes the well-being of all

Our 2004 Heart of Hinduism teacher Resources Pack is an extensive exploration of the above. We are pleased to now offer an online version of our Heart of Hinduism pack here

The following are links to possibly useful websites: (a broadly useful site) (a comprehensive site based on Vivekananda’s neo-Vedanta) (Useful magazine from a south Indian Shaiva tradition) (Useful information on Hindu temples)

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