Festival Dates

Knowing festival dates is essential in planning programmes of study, arranging visits and accommodating student’s individual religious needs.   

The Hindu calendar is lunar-solar and dates vary each year, with up to a month between the earliest and latest possible dates (by our Gregorian calendar). 

Therefore, having an accurate and up-to-date calendar is essential

– For a list of main dates from 2009 until 2030, please download here
– For more information on the Hindu Calendar, download here

Please note: 

Hindu festival dates and times differ according to region, denomination and favoured astrological system.  Most dates vary by no more than one day. However, please double check them before organising trips or making other important decisions.   

While making every endeavour to ensure accuracy, IES cannot take responsibility for mishaps that occur due to consulting our calendar.

Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are available for both student and teacher.

Please note: IES adds to these Fact Sheets each term. If there is no information yet here on topics which interest or engage you, then please feel free to contact us.


Story and narrative is a useful, way-in to exploring the dynamic and often complex relationships between:

  1. Knowledge and belief
  2. Practice and conduct
  3. Values and attitudes

Story is helpful in promoting a shared human wisdom, transcending any specific faith or worldview.

Please click on the appropriate story from the list below:

Please note: the above list is amended each term, so please do consult it regularly.

Teaching Ideas

Teaching about Hinduism is both challenging and rewarding. The many deities are both bewildering and opportunities for profound discussion. Hindu philosophy is extensive, but most suitable for promoting critical, reflective thought. More than anything, Hinduism embraces all the senses, and makes for exciting learning!

The following ‘learning experiences’ are samples only and teachers are encouraged to use and modify them to enhance their own initiative and creativity.  Further ideas are found on the Heart of Hinduism Teacher Pack published by ISKCON Educational Services.



Please note: If you’d like advice on any of these teaching ideas, then please do contact IES at telephone number.

Teacher Guides

These documents are comprised of various guidelines to help in teaching about Hinduism. They don’t specify precise learning experiences (as in the ‘Teaching Ideas’) but give pointers as to how subject knowledge can be related to valuable learning objectives. Note that some guides may be cross-phase, even though classified mainly under primary or secondary.

To select and download, please use the lists below:



Please note: the list of Teacher Guides is as yet incomplete; it is updated each term.


Coming soon!

  • Hindu Poems
  • Hindu Songs
  • Hindu Prayers
  • Hindu/Indian Proverbs
  • Quotes by the Famous
  • Verses from holy texts