Entries by Tulsi Seva

St. Louis Academy

The children were all able to discuss what they learnt and we witnessed engagement across the ability spectrum because most activities involved the children. As an RE leader many aspects were made clear to me and I can now talk with great confidence about Hinduism and explain the inconsistencies are due to the variance within […]

Sele School

Students expressed that they would like to visit again. The visit to the George Harrison Memorial Garden: Students were amazed how still and peaceful it was despite how windy the day was. Comments from students highlighted this aspect of the visit. Students were impressed by the range of activities that take place during Arti. They […]

Regents Academy

We felt the day was very well organised, even though we arrived late you still managed to squeeze everything in. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. Visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor by Regents Academy