Values and Popular Wisdom

Chanakya Pandit, the minister of King Chandra Gupta. Chanakya compiled the popular Niti Shastra (also called the Chanakya Shloka)

A comic book narrating some of the legendary stories of Birbal.

Proverbs, like stories, are a popular way of transmitting values and wisdom. Much moral instruction is present in the Niti-Shastra texts, such as those compiled by Chanakya Pandit (see also Dharma Sastras).

Also popular are the legends that have grown up around various people such as Birbal, the chief minister of Emperor Akbar. Such stories are available to children through comics such as those published by "Amar Chitra Katha" They also publish comic versions of other tales, such as those from the epics and Puranas, as well as the popular animal stories told in the Panchatantra (see Story and Myth and Dharma Sastras).


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